Carefully buy wedding photo invisible consumption

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In the last few years to buy wedding photo has set off a craze, some new will be bold attempt, some new but in the wait-and-see. Originally is in order to save money to buy, if there is some new people are not easy to perceive invisible consumption it is not worth the candle. Below for the new people to uncover these are worth careful to buy wedding according to the invisible consumer insider.

The price of the group purchase is generally cheaper than the average price of the store, which makes a lot of new people can't wait to make a reservation. When you pay a deposit before must first understand clearly the information on all aspects of this studio, studio's fame, staff strength. Now buy wedding not only get the shot, but also the person in charge of the case is not the case of the volume of the case is not. So the new people must be careful, don't to finally draw water with a bamboo basket.

Group purchase new people's minds to stay awake, the business will not be playing out at the head. Buy sets of lines including dress 16072, the makeup of the times, and the film is not sending the content must be a clear understanding. If you do not put these contents clearly, to the time when the film will be a new people to re add money, then this will be more expensive than the price of the store to buy, new people at this time to have a feeling of being cheated, it has been too late.
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