New people how to maintain their wedding photo

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New people to their wedding photos are very cherish, but a lot of new people to marry according to the maintenance is not quite understand, then when your wedding photo has taken home. The album after the newlyweds according to how to improve the maintenance? < br / >
1, marriage is the paper, such items are easy because of improper maintenance and deformation, some new photos are plastic material will appear this situation. Do not put the album in the sun is too wet or direct sunlight, and must be flat, if you find their own photos have been deformed, the first to be put on the album after a heavy pressure on the weight, such as the basic thick book on the album, over time will be restored.

2, if your album was careful not to water wet, immediately with a clean cloth to wipe dry, pay attention not to force the. If it is a wooden frame with dust or dirt to the wet towel, wring dry and then wipe, prevent moisture from entering into the photo. Album don't squeeze, when looking at the photos to gently turn.

3, do not put the photo to a too high place, in the taking is easy to break. The big picture frame of the crystal is not to hang in the head of a bed such a place, in case of falling can cause serious damage, if want to hang the word must make sure to be firm.
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