The couple know wedding film selection skills

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After the hard work of the film is finished, do not think that things are over, the next thing to do is to do the work of the election is also very fat brains, the number of photographs taken by the photographer is a lot, how can we choose their own satisfactory photos?.

1, in the selection, you can first ask the photographer to screen the photos, the first to remove the defective photos, so that the new people to come to the election and a number of.
2, the selection of the film is usually better than a few hours to choose, so the new people to arrange their time. Best to arrange a day or half a day, Ann and the heart of the election.
3, the selected sheet when not to take too much to, it is best not to take their parents to, the old people to see their children all feel good, when the time comes if each feel good is not a good choice, and too many people disagree, instead is not conducive to chip select < br / > 4, the election can not be completed once, to be divided into three to two screening, before the election to understand how many photos you can choose, so when you have a good grasp of delete.
5, the first glance looks like a photo to be directly removed, in the two screening time to pay attention to the details of the photo, the expression and posture are the most perfect, and can not choose to repeat the pose of the photos.

Wedding photo selection finally decided on a new people get photos, so also will the key to the final step, the new people can do not neglect these small skills. < br / >  
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