What kind of wedding dress is the fat bride

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Most women on their own body is not satisfied, let alone the bride, in the key period to take a wedding dress to be strict with their own body, to feel the weight of the bride is very distressed, in fact, fat bride wearing a wedding dress as well, the following is to see what kind of wedding dress.

Many fat is not fat, but some local fat, to feel his arm and shoulder more fat bride, in the selection of wedding can pick a font styles, fabric can also be stiff, don't choose that kind of vertical sense. And in color to choose a relatively calm color, this style of wedding dress on the arm and shoulder of the fat have modified effect.

More fat on the waist of the bride, it is recommended choose high waisted and plunging styles, high waist line design elongates the upper part of the body the proportion is stature slender, disadvantages of waist fat natural cover. Low cut style can also divert attention very well, but don't choose too exposed, otherwise the results run counter to one's desire.

Fat bride had many are not suitable for selection of styles should also keep in mind, such as backless and strapless styles, can appear bride more fat round, it is best not to try, chiffon fabrics is also very easy to expose the bride's fat, it is best to choose materials relatively strong wedding.
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