Short hair bride take wedding tips

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Not necessarily long hair of the bride to take a beautiful wedding, the bride can also shoot a short hair to have their own personality wedding photo. Short hair bride take wedding photos to remember these tips.

1, short hair bride to take a good wedding photo, in the design of the model to listen to the views of the hair stylist, to advance with the stylist to communicate their own style of the. If want to become long hair, you can also choose from wig, wig studio may not easy to find a suitable for their own, brides can in advance to buy their own good, but to choose their faces and temperament of the wig, and to look natural.

2, bingle bride is not easy to transform different hairstyles can using different style, the hair blown straight will appear very neat, or the hair into small volume, which can express the bride small sexy.

3, bingle bride can use some hair and accessories to enrich themselves, hat is very important and very distinctive accessories. Can also add a lot of color earrings to the bride's hair, wearing the last Crown Princess hair will give people the feeling.

4, flower decoration is now more and more popular, the flower inserted in the bride's short hair, it is particularly natural and fresh, so that the wedding of the bride with short hair add a touch of color.
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