How to take wedding photos inside more in place

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A lot of new shoot interior married according to the time of bad performance in, closed the scene may is to be able to let the human spirit is not so easy to relax, interior married according to how to shoot more in place? Check.

The first point is with photographer and a make-up artist communication, clothing and makeup is prerequisite for good photo shoot, couples are not only to listen to some of the views of the make-up artist, should also be some of their own views. When taking pictures is also the same, do not wait for each pose, such as the photographer's arrangement, so too passive, take pictures of the rigid, you can change some of the posture, more than ask the photographer to put it on the line, the photographer will make some adjustments to the new people.

The second point is when filming the expression, the wedding stress is two people sweet and warm, expression and gesture to show their love the taste of, don't be cool. Face with a natural smile is the best state, new people can advance practice pose and smile in filming among the newcomers can each other joke, tease each other so that they smile to.

Restrictions on the third interior wedding scene, new people to from other aspects to innovation, not blindly without imitate others, see others look good clothing and posture may not be suitable for their own, to know how to use their own characteristics.
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