The bride wears a Chinese dress to make a wedding photo how to choose

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Chinese style dress in the wedding photo is also a lot of brides want to try the style, for the eastern new people, this has a feeling of vague. The bride wearing cheongsam wedding should be how to choose?

The first point, the choice of the color of the Chinese dress according to the age of the bride, the big red dress for the elderly, the bride will be very stable and generous. Roses will be more suitable for young brides, if it is a very good skin bride should choose roses, so that the bride will be more beautiful youth. The color is too deep, the Chinese dress will highlight the bride's conservation, especially for the understanding of the bride.

Second, the figure is relatively is plump bride can choose styles with lace and silver sequins will appear the bride is very elegant and border styles to the body also cover the effect.

Third, the bride of the relatively short stature can try a short section of the cheongsam, knee length styles classical beauty and is the bride more lively and beautiful. Walking and pose are very comfortable when taking pictures.

Fourth, tall and shapely bride, especially leg beautiful bride, can choose the relatively high on both sides of the split ends of styles. This fully shows beautiful legs.
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