Summer outdoor shooting wedding Raiders

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1, summer was originally a people easy to feel tired of the season, not to mention in film marry according to the time, wear the thick dress, walk to stop, more easy to feel fatigue, so new people before shooting to have a good rest, can also bring write supplementary energy snack and drink, at any time to add strength.

2, shooting exteriors often go to the site is the lawn lake or the woods, these places will have a lot of mosquitoes, so to remind the people ready for anti mosquito to itch drugs can also be prepared slices of wound paste, to avoid being branches scrape wound and practical.

3, the weather is too hot, the temperature is too high, try not to be too early to shoot on location can filmed on the morning or afternoon after 5 o'clock to go, then will cool a lot. Also have to be ready to be a sunscreen, so as not to be sunburn.

4, summer was filmed on location, because the weather is easy to sweat, the bride to pay more attention to their own makeup, once the makeup took to make makeup makeup timely. Only in this way will not affect married photo effect.
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